Corporate Risk Management And Insurance Solutions

With solution options offered against sudden and unexpected risks, Prowall aims to stabilize the sustainability of the work of people or institutions.

We provide service in Risk Control and Risk Finance which are the main elements of Corporate Risk Management. Our consultants aim to minimize the Total Risk Expenditure covering the expenses and possible loss during the control, analysis and the management of risks.

During the control of the risk, depending on the operation field of the firms, studies on defining the precautions are done against responsibility risks due to many reasons such as the fire safety of the facilities, general safety, occupational safety and health. Prowall also offers consultancy concerning the development of risk management organization and process management.

During the Risk Finance, we provide the transfer of the convenient risks determined during the risk management process to insurance and reassurance market. We manage projects with comprehensive and economical solutions acquired from the local and international markets and we manage the possible damage processes by risk control process dynamically.

Prowall Global can create local solutions obtained from international markets, additionally it can offer solutions for Turkey based firms’ insurance requirements in different countries.